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Ehsaas Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Ayesha Khan

The Zewar-e-Taleem Program is another conditional cash transfer under the Punjab Ehsaas Program and Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) for the girl students enrolled in public sector schools in 16 districts with low literacy rate¹.


Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has launched the ‘Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem’ program.16 districts with low literacy rates have conditional cash transfers for girl students enrolled in public sector schools. It is a vast project of RS 6 billion which will benefit more than 460,000 school girls. The main aim of this scholarship is to develop the education of female students who can’t continue their studies due to limited resources of income. This monthly stipend of RS 1000 will help them to become a dignified member of society in the present and in the future by being healthy mentally and physically².

Khidmat card

The government of Punjab has introduced the Khidmat card as a means of facilitating the Zewar e Taleem program. Under this initiative, each female student will receive a monthly grant of Rs. 1000, which will be disbursed through the Khidmat card – a mechanism akin to an ATM card. This card enables students to withdraw cash from any bank ATM, thereby simplifying the process of accessing the funds they require to support their educational pursuits

The Khidmat Card is a scheme introduced by the Government of Punjab to give some financially relaxation to those who can’t afford their expensive. This is introduced to help meet out the daily expensive. The khidmat card includes the name and CNIC number of the head of family. For this scheme family must have at least one child enrolled in primary school otherwise they won’t be considered eligible for the scheme. All these families that will hold this Khidmat Card will also get free health insurance¹.

The provincial government of Punjab has arranged the facility of ATM cards for eligible candidates which can be obtained from the Bank of Punjab. So that no one can be cheated by government agencies and get their money easily. A good initiative of the provincial government of Punjab is that if a disabled person is skilled and wants to start his own business, the government will also give him a loan through the Prime Minister’s Loan Scheme².

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